Who We Are

Synergie Industries offers you a series of complementary corporate, entrepreneurial or public services, all geared to implementing best practices that will optimize the success of your products or services in the marketplace.

Synergie provides invaluable expertise through customized assistance to successfully and profitably ensure that your products are designed, manufactured, and sold to your target markets or your services are customized and carried out efficiently with the gratitude of yours.

Our Services

For businesses

Our services focus on our client’s needs. From corporate management restructuring, project development, human resource optimisation, Lean manufacturing and management, financial planning, national and international expansion and many more, Synergie will assist our clients in achieving their goals in any department, division, company or project.

For investors

Synergie’s innovative assistance model offers excellent opportunities for investment in the companies with much better chance of success while significantly reducing the usual risk and dependance on the reliability and limited expertise of the entrepreneur or the management team. Please contact us to know more about this unique opportunity for you.

For NGOs and public organizations

We have worked with and for several First Nation organizations. We understand Final Agreements, government to government relations, and the importance of ensuring economic development corporations working on behalf of their nations are optimizing their opportunities. Non-governmental organizations and public organisations hire Synergie for any help such as  strategic assistance, advice or management support.

Entrepreneurs are the experts of their business, but to grow or improve it to its full potential, a lot of other expertise is needed.

— Olivier Pellegrin, Synergie Industries Inc.

Why To Work With Us

Over 27 years of unique experience

Over 27 years of providing unique and innovative approaches supporting over 63 clients including:
  • A customized support designed for our client’s specific needs
  • A support provided by a team and a global network of skilled and experienced senior advisors, interim-managers and experts.
  • Possible interactive Senior Advisory Board sessions
  • Flexible payment options that fit your budget

These unique development approaches prepares your organization to be brought to the next level.

Pool of experts and professionals without limit

Whatever the sector and the complexity of your challenges, Synergie knows how to bring you the expertise you need.

The Senior Advisory Board sessions are the key to unlocking your organisation’s potential. Expertise is sourced to find our clients the best advisors possible who genuinely understand the business you are in, the challenges you may face, or aspirations you have. They will offer their insights to assist with developing the client’s implementation plan, offering strategies to overcome challenges and trade secrets of proven success.

For 12 years, Synergie recruited over 277 experts in the form of over 128 Senior Advisory Board sessions. With its team and experts network around the world, Synergie can provide you with all the expertise you need whatever the domain.