Synergie provides invaluable expertise through customized assistance to successfully and profitably ensure that your products are designed, manufactured, and sold to your target markets or your services are customized and carried out efficiently with the gratitude of yours.

How we help you succeed

Synergie offers customized development assistance through an innovative mix of business and organization development components chosen « à la carte » by you:

  1. Senior Advisor or Interim Manager’s (or outsourced manager’s) services.
  2. Access to international and senior expertise through Senior Advisory Board (SAB) sessions.
  3. Flexible payment and deferral options.

Over the years Synergie’s proven approach to successfully supporting their client’s goals has been to engage individuals with expertise in the areas of business or organizational capacity that fit our client’s needs:

  1. Assess the organisation. The senior advisor or interim manager will assess the identified issues, challenges, or prospects to determine the potential need and type of expertise needed to participate in a one or several possible staggered Senior Advisory Board (SAB) sessions with experts offering sound advice tailored to your organization and its future development.
  2. Following each SAB session, the senior advisor or interim manager compiles the recommendations in an action plan and offers continued coaching or interim- management support to help our clients reach their objectives.

Who can benefit

Synergie Industries Inc. provides clients in all sectors with customized business and organizational development assistance.

Start-ups, small and medium enterprises (SME’s), established businesses, non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) and public organizations benefit from Synergie’s customized solutions.


Even the biggest and most successful organizations hire the best experts from outside to help develop or improve them. That’s how they become even bigger or more successful and efficient.

– Olivier Pellegrin, Synergie Industries Inc.

What would be your most efficient option between a senior advisor or an interim manager to respond to your needs

From the beginning of the support or after you receive an action plan, you can opt to arrange  assistance with:

  1. A senior advisor who will provide advice and assistance for a period of time as your company or organisation implements the recommendations, or;
  2. An interim-manager who will work directly for your company or organisation for an agreed period and is responsible for implementing the recommendations.

Armed with an abundance of business and management knowledge and the expertise gained from interactive discussions with 277 experts for over 128 two-day senior advisory board sessions, Olivier Pellegrin and his team can act as senior advisor or interim manager to help your organisation reach its next level.


Fees based on the progresses or affordability of your organization

For governments and NGO, the professional services are paid as tasks progress or at agreed terms.

For companies, Synergie proposes a responsible way of billing its services through a proven financial business model in order to guarantee the maximum success for the entrepreneurs and potential investors. The company has the options:

  1. to either pay the professional service fees as tasks progress or
  2. to defer the payment during a period of time if an investor participates then:
    • to pay the professional services with a prior agreed interest rate or upon a formula based on the progresses and results of the company or
    • to convert the investment of the investor into shares of the firm if the entrepreneur and the investor desire it after the support.

For more details and information about the financial business model appropriate for you, please contact us.

The champion draws the lessons of the past, makes the present concrete, prepares the future.

– Luis Fernandez

What are the competitive advantages for you of the Synergie Industries’ model

For companies, NGOs and government:

  • The support of Synergie Industries is comprehensive and responds directly to any need of the organization.
  • The support of Synergie Industries and from the investors is for long term (at least several months and often over a few years).
  • The support for the companies is concrete and results-driven based on strategies or goals development and implementation of the actions;
  • The entrepreneur takes advantage of the continuous support of the senior advisor or interim manager who follows up regularly and provides assistance about the implementation of the recommendations.
  • Through the flexible and successive senior advisory boards with experts from around the globe, the organization receives much more expertise, more solutions of development or improvement and recommendations of action at a lower cost and faster than if they had to recruit a consultant or even a major consulting company.
  • Through the multidisciplinary and interactive communication between the experts during the senior advisory board sessions, the organization receives more recommendations of higher quality and more reliable.

For investors:

  • Usually investors depend on the reliability and limited expertise of the entrepreneur or the management team to secure the return on their investment. However, through the business model of Synergie Industries, they have much more confidence in their investment since:
    • The undertaken strategies and actions for the company are also supported by a team of independent, skilled and experienced experts, and
    • Their implementation is continually supported as tasks progress by a skilled senior advisor or interim manager;
    • Through the combination of the two above stated guarantees, the risk level of investment is minimized while the chances and scope of success are maximized (see the results).
  • The ideas and recommendations coming from the interactive discussions from the complementary experts at the senior advisory board sessions can also lead to more investment opportunities;
  • The Return On Investment (ROI) of the past projects completed by Synergie Industries Inc. is incredibly high (see the results).