Our services for you

For businesses, our services focus on your needs. Let Synergie help your business expand its marketing and sales reach, maximize your competitive advantage, attract and retain talent, optimize your production and operations, improve your HR and leadership practices, or improve other vital areas critical for success.

For investors, Synergie’s innovative assistance model offers excellent opportunities for investment in the companies with much better chance of success while significantly reducing the usual risk and dependance on the reliability and limited expertise of the entrepreneur or the management team. Please contact us to know more about this unique opportunity for you.

NGO’s, development corporations and government organizations reach out to Synergie for assistance with management, organizational restructuring, operational optimization, strategic planning, opportunity identification, financial planning, research, and more. Synergie has worked with and for several First Nation governments and development corporations

Some examples of service

  • comprehensive business or public organization assessment, recommandations and assistance for their implementation
  • efficient management of a department, company, division or project
  • financial review and optimization
  • human resources review and optimization
  • export market assessment and recommendations
  • review and optimization of production processes (Lean manufacturing)
  • development of Quality Control processes and systems
development of marketing plans
  • assistance with business or strategic plan development and its implementation
  • advice on intellectual property
  • assistance for buying, selling or undertaking a business
  • assistance for legal issues
  • advices on information and communication technologies
  • and many other services to help you succeed

All events are produced by each other, I admit; if the past gives birth to the present, the present gives birth to the future.

– Dictionnaire philosophique (1764) from Voltaire

Your results

The Senior Advisor or the Interim Manager and the possible Senior Advisory Board experts will give you expert advices and services, and help set goals, actions and tools, assisting you in achieving the results you seek.

Synergie has helped organizations and companies achieve the results they needed to be for instance more efficient, succeed their projets, resolve their issues, increase their performance and support more jobs.

A few examples of result

  • Growth readiness
  • Export capacity
  • Business planning
  • Market identification and development
  • Optimized organizational structures and processes
  • Increased sales and profits
  • Optimized production/operations (Lean manufacturing, Quality Control)
  • And anything else you need to succeed

The outcomes for your organisation from our services

Synergie’s innovative and customized approaches to supporting companies and organisations, have demonstrated exceptional positive results and significant returns on the investment. For all the companies that have completed their development plan with the support of Synergie, the outcomes are as following:

a. Sales Growth:

All companies, large and small, saw approximately 39% in sales growth after one to two years of post assistance from Synergie. SME’s with less than 50 employees reported an 82% increase on average in annual sales.

b. Profit Growth:

Large and small, all companies saw an approximately 87% increase in annual profits after one or two years post assistance from Synergie. SMEs reported a remarkable 255% increase on average in annual profits.

c. Employment:

Large and small, all companies saw an approximately 27% increase on average in employment after one to two years post assistance from Synergie. SMEs reported a 100% increase on average in employment after one to two years post Synergie support.

d. Value per dollar invested by the investors:

Each $ 1 invested by the investors for these companies is associated with:

  • $ 25.53 increase in annual sales after 1 or 2 years following the Synergie’ support.
  • $ 2.50 increase in annual profits after 1 or 2 years following the Synergie’ support.
  • For the Governments a minimum of $ 1.65 of Return On Investment (ROI) through just the Canadian federal taxe ( 5% of the sales increase) and the corporate taxes (estimation of 15% of the annual profits increase) after 1 or 2 years following the Synergie’ support. At this ROI number, we should also add and take account the income taxes of the new employees.

Each of these companies is on a strategic path for sustained growth without any expectation of future cost to the public or private investors.