Olivier Pellegrin, CEO of Synergie Industries Inc., holds Master’s degrees in engineering, administration and project management. Over 26 years of experience and success in providing customized services in senior management, direction, strategies development, business development, project management, production and operations, coaching and advisory support to maximize growth or improve the performance and efficiency for organizations of various sizes in many sectors.

Olivier experimented with his first innovative concepts of business and organization development by applying them to several major creative R&D projects he led and managed for Synergie Industries Inc. and its industrial partners in Quebec.

In 2004 he developed a unique advisory support process for entrepreneurs in Yukon, Canada. He partnered with other non-governmental and government organizations and delivered the Yukon Business Development Program (YBDP). For 11 years, Olivier made concrete the program’s unique concepts, formed and carried out all the innovative services for the selected companies, including their coaching and assistance, and the organization of all Advisory Board sessions (BAB sessions).

Olivier’s experience includes senior executive positions such as Executive Director with and for First Nation governments. He was also hired to help the organizations increase their efficiencies and undertake significant projects for their nations.

Olivier Pellegrin, through the company Synergie Industries Inc., has successfully provided management services and support to over 63 companies and organizations in a wide range of sectors, large and small, for several years for each one.

Olivier brings his expertise to a wide range of management and development services, and in addition an international network made up of over 277 senior experts recruited in over 128 senior Advisory Board sessions. He maintains and develop the relationships with this professional network to support his clients’ needs.

In 2009 Synergie Industries, Inc. was a finalist for the Canadian Les Lauriers de la PME entrepreneurial awards in “Service Business.” He has also been invited to speak at several conferences across Canada to share his unique business development practices.

Chaofeng Zhang


Chaofeng Zhang has extensive international work experience in the fields of communications, business development and administration in both government (including First Nation government) and private sector. She has worked for both the Canadian and Yukon governments, a First Nation government, municipal government, private corporations and a non-governmental organization and now partners with Synergie on many projects supporting clients’ needs.

For instance, her work experience ranges from media relations, marketing and business development at the Canadian embassy in China, investment relations and business development consultant for Canadian companies to the executive manager of communications and administration. Chaofeng has organized numerous oversees business trips and meetings of all sizes with international dignitaries, influential corporations, and government to industry initiatives.


Gayle Corry, Chartered Professional Accountant, CA, has over 28 years of professional experience with finance management, accounting and administration at a senior level in small and big organizations. She has held senior management positions in the Yukon such as Director of Finance and Administrative Services of the Yukon College and Director of Finance and Administration and Acting Executive Director of Council of Yukon First Nations (CYFN). She currently works in a senior finance position for two First Nation organizations.

In addition Gayle has a long working relationship with Synergie Industries, looking after the Synergies accounting and financial reporting requirements of the company.

Gayle Corry brings to the team her profound expertise in accounting and financial strategic management plus an in-depth knowledge of the First Nation organizations and culture. She is the best resource to advise on improving effectiveness and efficiency and to give strategic financial advice for the best interest of the organization.


Marion brings to Synergie her expertise in French and Canadian communications.

Both French and Canadian, graduate from HEC Montréal, Marion has worked for 14 years in the fields of communications in Canada (Province of Québec and the Yukon), for large international companies and government organizations.

Through this experience, her double culture and the links she shares in both France and Canada, she founded Com’ au Canada. From France, she helps French companies improve their knowledge of Canada, better communicate, find and prepare new resources for their Canadian branches. She also helps Canadian companies explore the European market, increase their awareness and find resources in France and Europe.