Senior advisory board sessions gather a team of sector-specific experts with the client and the senior advisor or interim manager of Synergie for a few days through interactive brainstorming and building relationship activities.  These experts are senior informed individuals, successful corporate CEOs and company founders, vested business persons, key or senior employees, regulatory bodies, etc. In. particular with the recruited and gathered team of experts Synergie brings the expertise and insight to its clients to expedite their potential for success or resolve their issues.

Each session ends with a list of recommendations and an action plan which are carried out with the support of the Senior Advisor or the Interim Manager until a next possible session.

Not all projects require a SAB session, which will be determined by Synergie’s senior advisor or interim manager with the client.

For 12 years, Synergie recruited over 277 experts to provide customized advisory services to organizations in the form of over 128 Senior Advisory Board sessions. With its team and experts network around the world, Synergie can provide you with all the expertise you need whatever the domain. Some examples of their areas of expertise have been:

  • Lean manufacturing in electronic industry
  • Lean manufacturing in mechanical industry
  • First Nation governance
  • Marketing and manufacturing in cosmetics industry
  • Environmental protection and remediation
  • Environmental marketing and communications
  • Aircraft hanger design and maintenance
  • Customer loyalty program development
  • Food processing methods and governmental regulations.
  • Fashion design, marketing and exporting
  • Arts marketing
  • Studio design in glass blowing sector
  • Building the alcohol beverage sector, distillery regs, ethanol production, etc.
  • Mining equipment and exploration
  • Oil and gas exploration
  • Book publishing
  • IT and communications technology
  • Tourism development and marketing – wilderness, indigenous, heritage
  • Ecotourism
  • Quality control systems
  • And many other domains of expertise.